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ZP Newsletter March 2023

Welcome to ZP's March 2023 Newsletter. In this issue we highlight:


New Six Channel Potentiostat from ZP



Industry 4.0 and the associated Lab 4.0 describes the interconnectivity of devices to produce more efficient processes.


Testing A CGM Sensor

ZP is the leading independent contract developer of wearable biosensors, including continuous glucose monitoring sensors.


An introduction Quality Management Systems

The ZP Wearables Accelerator Platform from ZP is designed to take the ZP biosensors and covert them into a wearable platform


Testing natural materials - chilli powder


HPLC in the Food Industry

HPLC is never a low cost easy to use instrument, and so we discuss this here in the context of the Food Industry.


ZP Biosensor CGM and IVD workshops

Thank you for the attendees of our monthly biosensor workshops. Please click to see our next workshop in the series.


High quality and low cost screen printed electrodes

Something we say too much as ZP, but it is one of the things that makes us unique at ZP is that we are the biggest users of our own products, this is especially true of our screen printed electrodes - please click to see our carbon, graphene, gold and platinum electrodes.


Photoelectrochemical technology from Zahner

ZP has distributed Zahner for years, and we are happy to show off their PECC-2 cell in this latest video.


Glossary of terms for Biosensors

ZP put a lot of content into the public domain to help industrial and academic colleagues navigate the world of biosensors.

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