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VoltDeposit - Manufacturing by Electrodeposition

VoltDeposit is a unique automated manufacturing system for the manufacturing of parts using electrodeposition techniques, and is perfect for those scaling up electrochemical fabrication techniques. ​Please watch the video below to see VoltDeposit.

The standard VolteDeposit is a 48 parallel channel instrument, able to perform a sequence of electrochemical processes on 48 electrodes, where each electrode is part of a 2 or three electrode system.

ELECTRODEPOSITION - Electrodeposition is a fundamental process in which a material is deposited onto an electrode surface from a solution by means of an electrical current. The process is used in a variety of applications, ranging from electroplating to electropolymerization.

ELECTROPLATING - Electroplating involves the deposition of a metal onto a surface to form a coating. This process is used extensively in the manufacturing of various products, including electrodes, biosensors, medical components, MEMS parts etc.

ELECTROPOLYMERIZATION - Electropolymerization is the formation of a polymer onto an electrode surface, from, a monomer in solution, using an electrical current. This process is used to create thin, uniform polymer films with controllable thickness and composition. These films have numerous applications in various fields, including biosensors, enzyme biosensors, biomedical engineering, microelectronics, and energy storage.

In both electroplating and electropolymerization, the key to achieving a successful deposition is to carefully control the electrochemical reaction parameters, including the composition and concentration of the solution, the current density, and the temperature. The process requires a thorough understanding of the electrochemical behavior of the materials involved and the mechanisms that govern their deposition. With careful control of these parameters, electrodeposition can be a highly precise and versatile method for creating a wide range of materials and structures, making it an important process in many areas of research and industrial production.

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